Celine Website Crashed After BTS Taehyung’s ELLE Cover Wearing CELINE Spring 2023 Menswear Is Revealed

BTS Taehyung has caused a stir online after being featured on the cover of ELLE Korea’s April 2023 issue wearing CELINE Spring 2023 Menswear. The K-pop star, who was dubbed as the “CELINE Boy” by ELLE Korea, looked stunning in the outfits he wore, prompting fans to flood the CELINE website to buy the clothes he was seen wearing.

The unexpected surge in traffic caused the CELINE website to crash, leaving fans disappointed and frustrated. The demand for Taehyung’s CELINE looks is a testament to his popularity and influence in the fashion industry.

Taehyung’s sense of style has always been praised by his fans, and he has been known to make bold fashion choices that set trends. His CELINE looks in the ELLE Korea shoot were no exception. The singer effortlessly carried off the outfits, and his fans were quick to take notice.

Fans are now speculating that CELINE will officially announce Taehyung as its brand ambassador, given the huge demand for his outfits. The luxury fashion brand has yet to make any official statement, but the possibility of a collaboration between CELINE and Taehyung has already sent fans into a frenzy.

This isn’t the first time Taehyung has caused a surge in demand for a brand’s products. In the past, he has been known to set off trends and sell out products within minutes of being spotted wearing them.

Taehyung’s influence in the fashion industry is undeniable, and his ability to set trends and create demand for brands is proof of his power as a fashion icon. Fans eagerly await any official announcement from CELINE regarding a collaboration with Taehyung, and it’s safe to say that whatever the K-pop star touches turns to gold.

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