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Top Celebrity Role Models REVEALED!

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Time icon February 12, 2020   | Last Updated: July 1, 2023 at 8:00 PM

Celebrities, whether they want them or not, arguably have a sense of responsibility to consider the influence they have on others – particularly on children who admire them. Some take it more seriously than others and it’s fair to say that kids could be more interested in the fictional furry friends from Paw Patrol than in the celebs gracing the front pages of gossip magazines.

But of the copious A-listers out there to choose from, if Mom and Dad were asked to select celebrity role models for their kids, who would they pick?

Well a survey of 2,000 British parents has the answer.

The poll, conducted by 3Gem on behalf of Perpetual Fostering, gave parents a complete free choice (no shortlist) of celebrities to name, resulting in 424 different people being named.

Richard Branson came out on top with 6.69% of the vote, followed closely by David Beckham (5.45%) and Lord Alan Sugar (4.44%).

Entrepreneurs and Business magnates make up 3 of the top 5 while politicians feature highly too:

Here’s the list of Top 50 Celebrity Role Models:

RankNameOccupationGender% of Vote
1Richard BransonBritish EntrepreneurM6.6860
2David BeckhamEnglish FootballerM5.4506
3Alan SugarBritish EntrepreneurM4.4331
4Bill GatesAmericanEntrepreneurM4.2878
5Barack ObamaFormer US PresidentM2.8343
6JK RowlingBritish authorF2.4709
7David AttenbroughBritish broadcaster and natural historianM2.3256
8Holly WilloughbyEnglish television presenterF1.6715
9Michelle ObamaAmerican lawyerF1.5262
10Emma WatsonBritish actressF1.3808
11Steve JobsAmerican EntrepreneurM1.3808
12Cristiano RonaldoPortuguese footballerM1.3081
13Stephen HawkingEnglish theoretical physicistM1.2355
14Greta ThunbergSwedish environmental activistF1.2355
15Kate MiddletonBritish RoyaltyF1.2355
16Will SmithAmerican actor and rapperM1.1628
17Albert EinsteinPhysicist developed the theory of relativityM1.0901
18Donald TrumpPresidentM1.0901
19Elon MuskAmerican entrepreneur,M1.0174
20Gordon RamseyBritish chefM1.0174
21Dwayne JohnsonAmerican-Canadian actorM0.9448
22Boris JohnsonBritish Prime MinisterM0.9448
23Prince WilliamBritish RoyaltyM0.9448
24Brian CoxPhysicistM0.7994
25Mark ZuckerbergAmerican entrepreneurM0.7267
26Jamie OliverBritish chefM0.7267
27Beyonce KnowlesAmerican singer- songwriterF0.7267
28The QueenBritish royaltyF0.7267
28Victoria BeckhamBritish Entrepreneur, fashion designer and singerF0.6541
30Jesus ChristJewish preacherM0.6541
31Oprah WinfreyAmerican media executive, presenterF0.5814
32Prince HarryBritish RoyaltyM0.5814
33Nelson MandelaSouth African anti-apartheid revolutionary and political leaderM0.5087
34Simon CowellEnglish talent manager and entrepreneurM0.5087
35Phillip SchofieldEnglish television presenterM0.5087
36Bear GryllsBritish TV presenterM0.5087
37Jessica Ennis-HillBritish track and field athleteF0.5087
38Brad PittAmerican actorM0.4360
39Keanu ReevesCanadian actor and musicianM0.4360
40Leonardo Di CaprioAmerican actorM0.4360
41Stephen FryEnglish actorM0.4360
42Peter JonesBritish entrepreneurM0.4360
43Ed SheeranBritish singer, songwriterM0.4360
44AdeleBritish Singer-songwriterF0.4360
45Ben CarsonAmerican politicianM0.4360
46GandhiIndian lawyer and political ethicistM0.4360
47Lionel MessiArgentine footballerM0.4360
48Michael JacksonAmerican singer, songwriterM0.3634
49Andy MurrayScottish Tennis PlayerM0.3634
50Harry KaneEnglish footballerM0.3634

Other key points from the findings:

  • Women made up just 25% of the top 50 role models according to parents
  • The top performing female in our survey was JK Rowling, netting 2.4% of the vote
  • Both Barack and Michelle Obama feature in the top 10
  • Greta Thunberg polled 14th
  • While it was a poor showing on the whole for singers and actors, Beyonce stilled polled higher than Jesus!

Expert Comment

Lisa Witter, Manager of Perpetual Fostering comments:

“We love to get the views of parents on who makes the most positive role model for children. It’s interesting to see that names that have been around years still poll the highest. Newer names, like Greta Thunberg, who’ve had high profile coverage in 2019 performed well too. The top performing politician was Barack Obama, beating any British politician by 17 places.”

So there you have it. The celebs that parents most want their kids to idolize are typically entrepreneurs, thinkers and activists. And who said celebrity culture was shallow?

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