BTS Talks About Mental Health Toll Of COVID-19 On ‘Good Morning America’

BTS is on the news almost all the time and the group had made their debut eight years back. In about 4 years, the band came into the limelight in front of the world as well. They have constantly made efforts to make a difference which is paying off.

The entire world is singing to BTS now and after their appearance in UN General Assembly, the band came to conquer New York. They left South Korea after two years as COVID-19 was raging on. The group made heartfelt speeches that touched everyone at the 76th UN General Assembly.

They followed up their amazing speeches with an amazing performance on their super hit English single, Permission To Dance. After that, the group joined Melissa Fleming for an exclusive interview. BTS was then joined by the first lady of South Korea to tour the MET Museum where RM made a strong speech about Korean culture.

We thought that was it but no. Fortunately, there’s more as their adventures in New York continue. BTS met Megan Thee Stallion and Coldplay and left souvenirs for the two of them. Good Morning America aired a special interview on September 24 that BTS recorded with ABC News’ Juju Chang.

The interview included South Korean President Moon Jaein, who talked with Juju as well. BTS and the President both talked about the pandemic and what mindset BTS members had as they moved ahead in the future. Juju sat down with the hosts of Good Morning America to discuss her opinion on the interaction she had with BTS.

“I believe that if we are afraid of the past, we won’t be able to make progress.”

She used the word, “firepower” to describe the interview in one word. The ABC News alum started with the number of views the UN General Assembly saw on the day when BTS was set to appear. President Moon explained that the message BTS is trying to send resonates with the young generation.

Jungkook said that all that happened with the group feels surreal. He shared that time seems to have stopped since they were appointed special envoys. Juju asked BTS what was the message they were trying to put out to the audience with regards to the climate crisis. RM responded that people need to realize as they did recently that climate is not merely changing but that we are going through a global crisis.

Juju asked BTS when they would prefer to go on a world tour to meet their fans. J-Hope answered that they do not want to rush the situation despite the fact that they are excited to meet their fans. He added, “We hope the situation gets better quickly and everyone gets vaccinated safely so that it becomes possible for them to have a concert soon.”

BTS also encouraged fans who were hesitant of getting vaccinated. Jin shared that all members of the band have been vaccinated and they sympathize with people who are afraid of vaccinations thinking it is something new. He added, “I believe that if we are afraid of the past, we won’t be able to make progress.”

BTS Members Felt Depressed During COVID-19

The band then talked about the thing they missed the most from the pre-COVID times. Suga answered that all their tours and schedules were called off because of it. He added as he shared how all BTS members felt depressed as the rest of the world. The singer further shared that he saw the world also unite in these times in various ways and hopes to witness the world come together and overcome struggles together.

Jimin expressed his hopes that COVID would come to an end soon, so he could go back to doing performances and concerts. V added that it has been a couple of years since they interacted on a personal level with their fans. He shared that he questioned himself if they really existed when he could not see them eye-to-eye.


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