BTS Taehyung’s “Jinny’s Kitchen” Becomes The #1 Show On Prime In Vietnam, Indonesia, & Taiwan With Only 3 Episodes

The popularity of Korean entertainment has been on the rise for years, and the latest hit show, ‘Jinny’s Kitchen,’ is no exception. The reality food and travel show has been captivating audiences in South Korea, but it’s the show’s youngest cast member, BTS’s V, who has helped propel the show to global success.

‘Jinny’s Kitchen,’ also known as ‘Seojin’s Korean Street Food,’ became the first Korean variety show to be serviced globally by Amazon’s OTT platform, Prime Video. Initially, the show debuted in only twelve countries, but it’s now streaming in over fifty, with new regions being added every week. This has resulted in a steady increase in viewership ratings for the show.

FlixPatrol, a platform that provides video-on-demand charts worldwide, reported that ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ entered the ‘Top 20 Most Watched Shows Worldwide’ on Prime Video at #19 upon the release of the third episode in select countries. Notably, it was the only reality show in the top 20. The show has also become the #1 Amazon Prime show in countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

In South Korea, ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ has become a massive hit on TVING, one of the country’s largest streaming services. According to the Daily OTT ranking of the ‘Top 10 Most Popular Shows,’ ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ was the #1 most-watched show on TVING after the latest episode.

The success of ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ can be attributed to several factors. But Kim Taehyung of BTS who boasts global popularity is definitely the biggest reason for its success.

The next episode of ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ airs on March 17th at 8:50 PM KST on tvN and TVING for viewers in South Korea, and via Amazon’s global OTT Prime Video for viewers overseas.


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