BTS Taehyung’s Fan Meet Brings Millions in Investment to SimInvest

SimInvest, an Indonesian investment platform, has announced that their upcoming fan meet with BTS Taehyung, also known as V, has brought in millions of investments from fans. The event, which is exclusive for SimInvest users who registered through their app, is set to take place in Korea in June 2023.

According to SimInvest’s announcement of the winners for the fanmeet registration, the Gold winners of Taehyung’s Fan meeting in June are mostly Indonesian men, some of whom have invested up to 13 Billion IDR for a chance to meet Taehyung. The investments ranged from 80 million to 1.2 billion won.

Taehyung joined SimInvest as the brand ambassador in March 2023. SimInvest, owned by Sinar Mas, one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia, offers various financial products and services to its users. The company chose Taehyung as their new face because of his global popularity, artistic talent, and social influence. They also praised his passion for photography and art, which aligns with their vision of creating value through creativity and innovation.

SimInvest’s partnership with Taehyung has already shown its success, with millions of investments pouring in from fans.

SECRET NUMBER To Perform At The Fanmeet

In addition to Taehyung’s fan meet, SimInvest also announced that K-pop girl group SECRET NUMBER will be performing at their upcoming fan meeting, “SimInvestival Goes to Korea,” which will be held on June 11 in South Korea. This event is also exclusively for SimInvest users and will feature an interview and photo session with Taehyung as the brand ambassador.

The investment platform’s event is set to be a huge success, with both Taehyung and SECRET NUMBER drawing in a large number of fans.

This fan meet is expected to boost SimInvest’s brand awareness and user base, as well as attract more investors who are interested in both financial and entertainment benefits. SimInvest claims that their platform is easy to use, secure, and transparent, and that they offer competitive returns and diversified portfolios for their users.

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