BTS Taehyung Gives Fans New Task To Come Up With Interesting Questions For His Next Live

BTS’s V has recently expressed his disappointment with the repetitive and boring comments he receives during his live broadcasts on Weverse. He said that he wants to interact with ARMYs more meaningfully and have fun conversations with them. He also said that he knows about different countries and regions, and that he doesn’t need to be asked about them all the time.

To challenge his fans to be more creative and thoughtful, V has given them a new task for his next live. He asked them to think of fun and unique questions that he can answer, and that he will read out the ones that catch his attention.

V’s request has sparked a lot of excitement and curiosity among fans, who are eager to impress him with their questions. Some fans have already started brainstorming and sharing their ideas on social media.

Here’s What BTS V Said:

During the broadcast, V explained that he always sees the same comments from ARMYs, which include asking about his fellow member Yoongi’s marital status, sharing TMI (Too Much Information), requesting selcas (selfies), asking if he knows about Mongolia or requesting he visit Europe and Sweden. The idol expressed exasperation that these were questions he obviously knew the answer to and called on fans to send in fun and unique questions instead.

V urged fans to be more creative, saying, “Guys, why wouldn’t I know? ARMYs need to think of fun questions.” He also explained that he never said he wouldn’t read comments but that if he saw funny ones, he would read them out.

This isn’t the first time a BTS member has spoken out about fan comments during live broadcasts. Leader RM also made headlines in early April after exclaiming, “Many people are writing strange things in the chat,” during a broadcast. RM’s comment sparked debate among fans, with some speculating that he was referring to fans’ inappropriate or invasive comments.

V’s call for more interesting questions comes after a growing number of fans raised concerns about the lack of etiquette on Weverse, where fans can comment on BTS members’ live broadcasts. Some fans have reported seeing rude or disrespectful comments, while others have called for fans to be more mindful of the impact their words can have.

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