BTS' Suga Covid-Free: ARMY Erupts With Joy Amid Concerns Over RM, Jin's Health

BTS’ Suga Covid-Free: ARMY Erupts With Joy Amid Concerns Over RM, Jin’s Health

Suga of BTS tested positive for Covid-19 around Christmas 2021 and was immediately isolated. The excellent news that the famed K-pop quartet’s singer and rapper had recovered from the virus, however, got the BTS Army excited. Suga, whose real name is Min Yoon-gi, was Covid-free, according to a statement made by Big Hit Music.

On December 24, 2021, Suga tested positive for Covid-19. A day later, on December 25, other band members RM and Jin tested positive for the fatal illness. Suga has fully recovered from Covid-19 and shows no signs of illness, but RM and Jin have yet to find their way out. On Twitter, BTS fans shared their joy at Suga’s recovery, but they also expressed concern about RM and Jin.

BTS had arrived in the United States for the 2021 American Music Awards and a four-day concert at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, which was a big success. Big Hit had declared that they will be taking a vacation from work following the event. While Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook returned to South Korea quickly after the concert, V and J-Hope went on vacation to Hawaii, and RM and Suga had separate plans.

Suga’s recovery from Covid-19 was detailed in an official statement made by Big Hit Music. They said in the statement that when he was released from his quarantine on January 3, the singer-songwriter could resume his normal activities. They shared, “Hello, this is BIGHIT MUSIC. We would like to inform you that BTS member SUGA has made a full recovery from COVID-19 and his quarantine has concluded as of today at noon, January 3.”

Fans Elated As Suga Recovers From COVID-19

The label continued, “SUGA who had been receiving treatment from home for the past ten days from Friday, December 24 is now able to return to his daily activities” adding, “SUGA did not exhibit any particular symptoms during his quarantine and is currently recuperating while resting at home”. They further stated that they would like to thank all the fans who showed concerns for the idol’s health as well as to people in the medical field who are doing their best to recover from COVID-19.

Big Hit added, “We will continue to place the health of the artists as our top priority, and to vigilantly follow the healthcare guidelines”. The label has not provided an update on RM and Jin’s health. MEAWW will keep you updated on the situation. J-Hope, a member of BTS, also garnered headlines for donating nearly a million dollars to disadvantaged children at Covid-19. The money was donated to the Green Umbrella Foundation, which helps impoverished children in South Korea.

As Suga recovered from Covid, the BTS Army sighed a sigh of relief and sent their good wishes to RM and Jin. “Thank God, that SUGA is now fully recovered from COVID-19, I’M SO HAPPY, while Namjoon and Jin are still undergoing self-treatment. Get well soon boys, said one fan as another posted, “After Suga’s recovery from covid, I just wanna hear the news of Namjin’s recovery as well.” One added, “Yay!!!! Suga finally recovered from Covid-19!!! You did a very great job Yoongi. Thank you for fighting!! We will wait too for RM and Jin’s speedy recovery. We love you boys.”

One elated BTS fan shared, “SUGA RECOVER FROM COVID , ISN’T THIS THE BEST NEWS EVER”, as another mentioned, “What a good news. suga is now recovered com covid-19!!!!! I’m so happy that my emotions are bubbling inside of me! Congratulations suga and be free!!!” 

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