BTS Jungkook Reacts to His Lookalike Shim Hyung Tak’s Wife Hirai Saya

In a surprise Weverse live session on Wednesday, May 24, BTS’ Jungkook delighted fans with his singing, shared interesting anecdotes, and even addressed viral memes about himself. One particular question from a fan caught his attention: the uncanny resemblance between him and Korean actor Shin Hyun-tak’s wife, Hirai Saya. Jungkook chuckled in response and acknowledged that he had seen the memes circulating, agreeing that he and Saya do bear a resemblance.

The unexpected comparison between Jungkook and Saya stems from the appearance of the couple on the Korean variety show, Romantics of Chosun. Shin Hyun-tak, a 46-year-old Korean actor, tied the knot with Hirai Saya, a 28-year-old non-celebrity Japanese woman, causing some mixed reactions among Korean netizens due to their 18-year age difference. However, what captured everyone’s attention was the striking resemblance Saya bore to a young Jungkook, with her doe-eyes, adorable cheeks, and a bunny-like smile.

Fans were quick to point out the similarities between Jungkook and Saya beyond their facial features. Observing shared mannerisms and expressions, fans couldn’t help but marvel at the uncanny resemblance, leading to a wave of memes and doppelganger jokes flooding social media. Some even playfully suggested that Saya was essentially “BTS’ Jungkook in a wig.”

Jungkook’s reaction to the comparison during the Weverse live only added to the excitement among fans. His acknowledgment of the resemblance validated their observations and created a delightful moment of connection between the idol and his adoring fanbase.

Jungkook has recently been in headline because of the success of his recent solo songs – Left and Right, Stay Alive, and Dreamers. The singer also recently traveled to LA where he was spotted recording new music. Jungkook will be making his solo debut this year, and, according to various sources he is currently working on his solo album.


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