BTS Jungkook Played and Sang FIFTY FIFTY’s Cupid During Recent Live

Fans were in for a treat when Jungkook, the youngest member of the global sensation group, went live on Weverse on May 24. The singer-songwriter showed off his musical skills and charisma as he played and sang along to various songs, including the viral hit ‘Cupid’ by FIFTY FIFTY.

‘Cupid’ is a catchy pop song by FIFTY FIFTY, a duo that debuted in 2022 under a small agency. The song has become a worldwide phenomenon, topping charts and breaking records in many countries. It has also been covered by numerous artists and celebrities, who have praised its addictive melody and lyrics. The group consists of Saena, Aran, Keena, and Sio. The group’s name, Fifty Fifty, indicates the coexistence, in equal parts, of a hope-filled ideal and a harsh reality, and their hope to be a whole 100 with their fans.

Jungkook, who is known for his versatile and expressive voice, chose to play the twin version of ‘Cupid’. He effortlessly covered the song, showcasing his vocal range and control. He also added his own flair and emotion to the song, making it sound like his own.

Fans, who have been eagerly waiting for Jungkook to sing ‘Cupid’, were overjoyed to hear his rendition. They flooded the live chat with comments and emojis, expressing their admiration and appreciation. Some of them said, “Jungkook singing ‘Cupid’ is a dream come true”, “His voice is so sweet and soothing”, and “He can sing anything and make it sound amazing”.

The interaction between BTS and FIFTY FIFTY is especially meaningful because they both share a similar story of overcoming challenges and achieving success. They both started from humble beginnings, but rose to fame and recognition through their hard work and talent. They have also made history on various music platforms, such as Billboard, where they have achieved unprecedented feats.


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