BTS’ Jungkook Increases Real-Time Search Trends After 76th UN General Assembly

After the United Nations General Assembly on September 20, BTS’ Jungkook had started trending online. The K-Pop band had presented a speech at the opening ceremony of the 2nd SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Moment.

Along with giving heartfelt speeches, BTS also performed their recent hit, Permission to Dance. BTS’ Jungkook made headlines as he was the youngest South Korean celebrity to serve the United Nations general assembly as a special envoy.

The K-Pop idol disseminated the message of empathy and love during his introduction at the United Nations main hall. BTS drew attention from over one million viewers who had tuned in to watch the assembly. Jungkook had shared how he was disheartened to hear that the entrance and graduation ceremonies had to be cancelled.

The singer added that these moments in life are the ones people want to celebrate and missing out on them must have upset others also. He further shared, “Likewise, we were heartbroken when our long-planned concert tours had to be cancelled, and for a while, we yearned for the moments we wanted to complete.”

Jungkook further explained his regret to those who missed out on moments like these due to the pandemic. The singer added beautifully, “Of course, sometimes the world seems stuck in place even if you are ready to go. Sometimes, it feels like you have lost your way. There was a time where we felt the same way.” 

Nation’s Treasure Jungkook

The BTS member started singing on the podium as well and made everybody’s hearts melt. His voice along with his sympathetic words inspired hope. After the live stream, various keywords started trending with BTS and Jungkook.

The phrase, Nation’s Treasure Jungkook ranked first on the real-time trends on Twitter. The idol was praised immensely as he got attention from all over the world. Users did not shy away from expressing their love for Jungkook. Many of them stated that the youngest BTS member has brought pride to the country.

People were also appreciating him for being the youngest member but being as daring and are good with words. They commended him for being able to hold his ground on such a big stage with millions of people watching.

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