BTS ARMY Supports The Band For Joining UN Global Goals To Fight Racism & Hate Speech

Recently, BTS sat down with their collaborator, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and were asked if they are at a point where they can be considered politicians. BTS’ member, Suga responded to this question as he said they would use their influence to make positive changes.

This is exactly what the K-pop band is doing as they spoke at the UN. However, other than that, they have joined campaigns like Global Goals to call out racism and hate speech. UN has always focused on human rights and eradicating discrimination. But they took a strong step ahead as they wrote an open letter to relevant authorities and social media companies to control hate speech.

They wrote that they would want the states to work towards policies that guarantee the rights to equality and non-discrimination and freedom of expression. They also wanted states to guarantee the right to live a life free of violence; through the promotion of tolerance, diversity. This has caught the attention of BTS and the ARMY as they call for action.

It was recently revealed that BTS got their diplomatic passports to attend the UN’s General Assembly as Special Envoys of South Korea’s President. The group will have other activities to solve global issues like poverty, environment, inequality and respect for diversity. They have joined forces with the UN as they took their first steps by joining ‘Youth Today’ and ‘Global Goals’.

Social media platforms have been using photo frames for profile photos to mark various events and the UN has utilized that. They want people to join them by using frames from their “Keeping The Promise” series. BTS joined them on September 18 and selected the promise to call out racism and hate speech.

ARMY Showcase Support For BTS

They added, “If we believe there’s hope, we will find the way.” They have asked their fans to also join the ‘Global Goals’ and pick one goal that they promise to fight for. Their fans were touched and motivated as thousands came in to join BTS. They made the #CallOutRacismHateSpeech trend on social media to raise awareness about their issue.

They are willingly urging other fans to join them as well. A user urged, “Speak yourself, ARMY And speak up when hatred and racism are around you”. Another user supported the cause and expressed how emotional they are about this. They added as they acknowledged the hate speech and racism BTS faces and even after standing up for the Anti-Asian Hate movement, they got flak.

The user wrote, “you guys have so much- you guys are so confident and have so much guts; some which nobody else would”. Other fans went on to pledge themselves as they showed immense support to their favourite K-Pop band. Fans beamed with pride as they said that BTS is trying to make the world a better place.


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