BTS Jin’s “Super Tuna” sets new global records

BTS Jin’s ‘Super Tuna’ has become a worldwide phenomenon! Jin released ‘Super Tuna,’ a self-composed song with sweet lyrics and catchy music, for his birthday, December 4, 2021.

Jin’s ‘SuperTuna’ has surpassed 270 million views on TikTok and 47 million views on YouTube, proving that it is a worldwide phenomenon.

 global records on TikTok and YouTube

More than a month after its release, ‘Super Tuna’ has captivated fans’ attention and is trending on every social media platform. As of January 20, the total amount of views for the hashtag ‘#Supertuna’ video on TikTok has surpassed 270 million. On the same day, the hashtag ‘#SuperTunaChallenge’ received 93 million views and is on its way to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. So far, ‘#Supertuna’ has received 275.1 million views on TikTok as of January 22.

Since its debut, Jin’s birthday special song “Super Tuna” has led the world’s most popular video music charts for 16 days in a row. Fans imitated the adorable dance movements in the viral ‘Super Tuna challenge,’ and the hit song’s hook dancing step became a rage among fans. Park Hasun recently admitted to being a major admirer of BTS Jin and even engaged in the ‘Super Tuna’ challenge on KBS’ popular variety show ‘Problem Child in the House.’

Jin’s ‘Yours’ From BTS Is The First Korean Song To Achieve

‘Yours,’ a Korean solo song by Jin, has become a phenomenally successful Korean solo song in Japan, as shown by the records! Jin’s ‘Yours’ is not only the first Korean song to debut at number one on Spotify Viral 50 Japan, but it also holds the record for the longest amount of time at the top!

Not only that, but another new record,’ set as Yours,’ spent 27 days at the top of the Japanese Shazam chart. Even before it was released on Japanese platforms, it quickly went to the top of the charts and stayed there for about a month. ‘Yours’ topped the charts again a few days ago, extending its record to 27 days.

Moreover, ‘Yours’ has remained at the top of the Shazam Top 200 Film, TV, and Stage chart for 69 days. In terms of other Japanese records, ‘Yours’ is the fastest Korean soloist song to hit number one on iTunes in Japan (2 hours) and stay there for 46 hours, a new record!

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