BTS J-Hope Reveals Jungkook Changed His Overseas Schedule To Spend Time With Him Before He Goes To The Military

BTS fans are feeling bittersweet as they prepare to say goodbye to J-Hope, who will be enlisting for his mandatory military service on April 18, 2023. J-Hope is the second member of BTS to enlist, following Jin who enlisted last December and is currently serving in the army.

J-Hope recently held a live broadcast on Weverse, where he shared his thoughts and feelings about his upcoming enlistment. He thanked his fans for their love and support, and assured them that he will be back soon. He also revealed some heartwarming details about how his fellow members have been showing their care and affection for him.

One of the most touching stories was about Jungkook, who is currently in Los Angeles to work on new music. J-Hope said that Jungkook had adjusted his overseas schedule to spend some time with him before he leaves for the military. He said that he was very touched by Jungkook’s gesture, and that he felt proud of how much he has grown up.

“The reason why I saw them then is because, well Taehyung I can see him but JK currently has schedules in the states so I had a drink with them then! I heard JK planned his schedule to fit around mine so I was really touched. I thought ‘Wow I raised him really well!'” J-Hope said.

J-Hope also shared that Jin called him. Jin called him to give him some advice and encouragement. J-hope said that he will miss the members and his fans a lot, but that he will also do his best to fulfill his duty.

Fans were moved by J-Hope’s live broadcast, and expressed their love and gratitude for him on social media. They also praised Jungkook for being such a thoughtful and loyal friend to J-Hope. They said that they will wait patiently for J-Hope’s return, and that they hope he will stay healthy and happy during his service.

J-Hope is known for being the sunshine of BTS, always bringing joy and energy to the group and the fans. He is also an amazing rapper, dancer, songwriter, and producer, who has contributed a lot to BTS’s music and performance. He has also released his own solo mixtape, Hope World, in 2018, which received positive reviews and charted on various music platforms. He was also the first BTS member to make his official solo debut with his debut solo album, “Jack In The Box”.

We wish J-Hope all the best for his military service, and we look forward to seeing him again in 2025!


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