BTS Continue Their Pre-Concert Tradition As They Attend Silk Sonic Concert

BTS Continue Their Pre-Concert Tradition As They Attend Silk Sonic Concert

BTS members appear to be starting a new custom before their US shows, which fans like. BTS members were spotted at the Silk Sonic (Anderson.Paak and Bruno Mars) performance in Las Vegas on April 1.

Some fans were skeptical, citing BTS members’ attempts to fool ARMYs on April Fool’s Day, while others questioned whether a collaboration between the two musicians was in the works. Silk Sonic’s Anderson.Paak has already stated his desire to collaborate with BTS, making collaboration between BTS and Silk Sonic appear more probable.

To the amazement of fans, Jimin and RM (Namjoon) both tweeted images of themselves with Suga (Yoongi) taken after the Silk Sonic Las Vegas concert last night. Members Jimin, V (Taehyung), J-Hope (Hoseok), and Jungkook all attended the Harry Styles performance in December 2021, only days before their Los Angeles SoFi Stadium event for ‘Permission To Dance On Stage.’

With three of BTS’s seven members out of commission, including rapper J-Hope who is still in South Korea after contracting Covid-19 and was quarantined as the rest of the members left for the US; Jin (Seokjin), who is resting after hand surgery; and maknae Jungkook, who is quarantined in a hotel room in the United States; the rest of BTS are still having a good time in Las Vegas.

Fans can see from their latest Instagram updates that BTS’ V had the finest night of his life as he danced single amidst couples at a restaurant, while RM, Suga, and Jimin enjoyed their evening at the Silk Sonic event. Unlike many other acts, Silk Sonic does not allow phones and smartwatches to be used during their concerts, so when there were no images of the three BTS members at the gig, fans assumed they were being pranked.

“Namjoon vibing at the Silk Sonic Concert”

Along with Bruno Mars and Anderson. Fans are relieved to see that BTS members are following their US pre-concert tradition, with both Paak and RM uploading images alongside RM, Jimin, and Suga. “Namjoon vibing at the Silk Sonic Concert,” one fan snuck a video from the show.

Fans are speculating that a collaboration might be in the works when BTS members attend the Silk Sonic performance before of the 2022 Grammys, where both artists are sitting nearby.

One fan said, “Bts in LV is already funny bc you’ve got yoonminjoon on a concert date to silk sonic, taehyung dancing alone at a jazz bar, jungkook losing his mind out of boredom on instagram, hoseok LYING about going there, all while seokjin’s somewhere at their hotel relaxing.”

Before the BTS and Silk Sonic members’ updates, one fan stated, “Silk sonic concerts don’t allow phones so bts really could have been there we will never know.” One more fan exclaimed, “WAIT YOU’RE TELLING ME BTS WENT TO THE SILK SONIC CONCERT TONIGHT LIKE ANDERSON PAAK SAID THAT BTS WAS THERE ?!?? SOME PPL ARE SAYING THEY SAW JOON, JIMIN AND YOONGI.”

A fan said, “Some bts members going to silk sonic concert, bts sitting next to silk sonic at the grammys, idk but what if something’s coming up soon.”

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