Bryce Hall Clarifies That He Does Not Want To Fight Corinna Kopf News

Bryce Hall Clarifies That He Does Not Want To Fight Corinna Kopf

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Time icon November 19, 2021

TikToker Bryce Hall is always the talk of the town for one reason or the other! Recently, the TikToker revealed his intentions to fight the Facebook Gaming streamer Corrina Kopf in a boxing match (of course, jokingly).

However, the internet did not understand that Bryce Hall was only joking about fighting Corrina in a literal boxing ring! When people started questioning for calling Corrina out to box, Bryce Hall decided to respond to the rumors.

Bryce and Corrina are not on good terms as the two influencers have been going back and forth throwing verbal jabs on one another via twiiter. Corrina Kopf said that ‘mullets are hot’ in one of her tweets but when Bryce pointed out that it was for him, Corrina declined.

Bryce then said that the Facebook Gaming star flew to Las Vegas to meet him while he was underage. Corrina did not stay quite and she said “Did I really bruise your ego when I decided not to sleep with you?” Bryce also went on to confirm that he was actually 18 at the time.”

Since then, the war of words between the two internet personalities have been on! In the latest Podcast ‘Cancelled’, Bryce Hall clarified that he does not want to box Corrina Kopf.

I’d Whoop That B*t*h’s A*s’

“I called out Corinna for a boxing match, people took it seriously,” he said. “I don’t understand how people — like people are actually dumb.”

“Clip this right now: I did not call Corinna out to box, cause obviously I’d whoop that b*tch’s a*s. But Tana is gonna fight Corinna for me,” he added.

Bryce Hall Calls Out Paul Brothers

Recently, the TikToker called out the Paul brothers and said that they were the most two-faced personalities on the Internet.

On November 11, Bryce Hall and fellow influencer Tana Mongeau took part in a Q&A “confession” session. The goal of the game was to be as honest as possible when answering questions from fans.

The duo stumbled across a fan question asking them to pick the “most shocking two-faced influencer”; they knew after exposing humiliating stories about themselves; and disclosing secrets about their lives in Los Angeles. While Mongeau responded with “James Charles,” Bryce Hall responded with the internet celebrity brothers Jake and Logan Paul.

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