Brooke Hogan Responds To A Question About Hulk Hogan, A Wrestler's Union

Brooke Hogan Responds To A Question About Hulk Hogan, A Wrestler’s Union

A video ended up going viral online, appearing to show Brooke Hogan avoiding further doubts about Hulk Hogan’s role in putting an end to the idea of a Wrestler’s Union.

It’s funny even Though I was speaking to Diamond Dallas Page’s daughter, Brittney Page, and then we were like, is there not a wrestlers union?, Brooke said. I did a Google search and I really wouldn’t want to get into it. There was a reason, the questioner explained, and his title is. Brooke responded by saying she didn’t want to go any further into the subject.

I’m not sure, said Brooke Hogan

WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura earlier attempted to form a wrestling union and sued Vince McMahon for classifying professional wrestlers as contractors. When McMahon testified in court, he disclosed that it was Hulk Hogan who informed him that Ventura was attempting to establish a wrestler’s union.

However, the full video of the interview has now been made available online, providing viewers with a better and clear sense for the full conversation Brooke as well as the questioner are having. As Brooke is questioned how she stays looking good as she ages in comparison to those other wrestlers, the energy between both the two continues to remain friendly.

They get into a debate about contestants hoofing up their bodies so much it frequently leads to alcoholism to alleviate the pain. It’s why she wonders if a Wrestler’s Union could someday exist so that ageing stars of the past can receive the medical help they require.

What’s really sad is that these guys end up doing bad stuff if nobody cares about them. So, you understand, I know that just from having back spasms and this and that, I take a bit from my father in that area. If you’re in a certain degree of suffering and realise that your muscle relaxer isn’t working, you become needy. For example, should I have a glass of red wine with that or not? So it’s a recipe for disaster when they have no one to take care of them, no proper medical attention, no doctors watching them, and they’re just handling themselves to keep making money because they’re obligated and have to show.

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