Brock Lesnar lifts the WWE ring at SummerSlam

The Beast went all out during the main event of Summerslam 2022, the Last Man Standing contest for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship between challenger Brock Lesnar and champion Roman Reigns. Taking on the role of a cowboy, Lesnar rode a tractor up the ramp and parked it at ringside as he approached the Nissan Stadium.

Lesnar lost the match but won everyone’s heart

The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, garnered many admirers by exhibiting his cowboy persona at the WWE pay paper view event, SummerSlam, despite the fact that Roma Reigns fought, abused, and finally defeated Lesnar for final time maybe. At the Nissan Stadium on Sunday for the Summerslam 2022, Cowboy Brock and Reigns squared off for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. One of the most memorable bouts in SummerSlam history was the one Lesnar and Reigns put on , many of the WWE Universe said that.

Tractor to the rescue?

Many video have surfaced online, of the former WWE champion Lesnar also making an unique entrance with his tractor for the SummerSlam 2022 main event. Viral Brock Lesnar video have always been an amazing response for the company, when it comes to Brock always making an impact like these.

Lesnar lifted the earth in half of the ring with the help of his tractor during the historic Last Man Standing match between the two pro wrestling superstars. The remaining matches of the Last Man Standing were contested by the two superstars at ringside after Brock destroyed the whole WWE ring with his cruel machine.

What happened during the match?

Talking about the main event of SummerSlam 2022, the Beast Incarnate suplexed Reigns multiple times to make a strong case for himself. The former WWE champion also gave his former manager Paul Heyman an F-5 on the commentary table. Lesnar hoisted Reigns for his signature move although Reigns kept himself alive in the contest by getting up to his feet at the count of nine.

As predicted we did receive interference

Austin Theory also made a sly effort to cash in his Money In Bank (MITB) contract during the clash of the WWE heavyweights. Lesnar, though, stopped Theory’s attempt, and Reigns also attacked the former champion with the MITB briefcase. Reigns defeated Lesnar in a historic match by burying the Beast beneath the debris, assisted by The Usos. Brock was the only one fending for himself throughout the match which was a bit sad to see, after putting on one of his best shows in a very longtime.

There has been a similar incident with Brock Lesnar

The Big Show is one of the few individuals that has competed against Brock Lesnar, therefore the two of them have a history that dates back to the early 2000s. The summer of 2003 saw the culmination of their conflict, with Big Show vying for Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship title. With being stated, a noteworthy incident from their most intense feud occurred when Brock Lesnar hit Big Show with the superplex on Smackdown in 2003, forcing the ring to collapse. One of the most exciting periods in WWE history is thought to have involved this angle.

Is this the end of Brock Lesnar at WWE?

Many are wondering that this might be the last match for the Beast. Post match, Brock climbed up the broken WWE Ring, wearing his cowboy cap and saluting the WWE Universe. This notion coming from him can mean many things but, it also mean this will be his last performance at the company. He might retire or he will just take a long break.

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