Bridgerton Star Now Onboards A New Web Series

Jonathan Bailey, who starred in Bridgerton, is now on a lead role in ‘Fellow Travelers’ on Showtime. Bailey is best known for his role in Bridgerton as Anthony Bridgerton which has become another favorite romantic show on Netflix.

The series, which is based on Thomas Mallon’s book of the same name, now includes Bailey in addition to previously confirmed stars Allison Williams and Matt Bomer. According to a report by Variety, Bailey will be seen playing a recent Fordham University graduate, Hawkins Fuller is the love interest of Bomer Hawkins Fuller and is genuine about his political and religious ideas. He is also full of optimism about the post-World War II future.

Fellow Travelers revolves around the genre of a love story and political thriller. It follows the turbulent relationship between two very different individuals who meet in the shadow of McCarthy-era Washington.

Matt Bomer will be seen playing the role of Hawkins Fuller. He falls in love with Tim Laughlin, a young guy full of passion and religious fervor. He is a dashing and charming man who avoids emotional entanglements and maintains a financially lucrative career in politics.

Over the course of four decades, Hawkins and Tim come into contact as they struggle with both personal and global challenges, including the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, disco hedonism in the 1970s, and Vietnam War demonstrations in the 1960s.

As a thrilling and deeply moving exploration of character and American life in the latter half of the past century, Fellow Travelers shines an unprecedented light on stories that are as urgent today as ever,”– said the President of Entertainment at Showtime Networks. Fellow Travelers casts light on the important American culture and how two individuals navigate their romantic relationships through it.

The series has scheduled the production to roll out in Toronto later this month.

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