Brian Kendrick talks about how no one phoned him after a former WWE star passed away unexpectedly

Previously the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Recently, Brian Kendrick discussed how he learned about Ashley Massaro’s passing.

In 2005, Ashley entered the WWE through the Divas Search. She received a one-year contract with the business after being named the winner. She remained a standout component of the company’s women’s division. After requesting a release to care for her daughter, Massaro left the company in June 2008. After that, on May 16, 2019, she passed away. In an interview he said that he had last spoken to Massaro about a year or so before she passed away. He remembered not getting any calls about her passing; instead, he received a text message.

Kendrick Said –

”We hadn’t seen each other in years, so I spoke to her once, Kendrick said. “She may have lived for a year or two before passing away. I can’t recall how I heard it. I doubt I received a call, but I may have received a text instead. What I was doing at that moment escapes me.”

Paul London had no idea about Ashley Massaro’s sudden passing away

The demise of former WWE standout Ashley Massaro in 2019—just days shy of turning 40—was one of the more devastating events in wrestling over the past several years. From 2005 to 2008, Massaro worked for WWE. During that period, she was romantically connected with fellow wrestler Paul London, whose tag team partner Brian Kendrick she also managed.

”It surprised me as well, London said. A friend of mine in England had sent me a note saying, “I’m very sorry about Ashley. I asked, “What?” I have no idea what’s happening. That’s how I learned about it. Since she was fundamentally a really amiable, intelligent, and happy person, it was quite painful and a tragic finish for her.”

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Ashley got romantically involved with Paul London a few years afterwards.

Massaro started working as a valet for Brian Kendrick and his partner London in 2006; soon after, their professional relationship developed into a romantic one. During a 2014 interview with False Count Radio, London acknowledged as much. Although he admitted that dating while travelling didn’t work out, he insisted that he doesn’t harbour any “bad will” against Ashley.
Ashley always had a “wonderful head on her shoulders” and a “huge amount of potential,” according to London. The last aspect is also intriguing because, according to Massaro, she trained in the ring with London and Kendrick in 2006, according to IGN.

The trio of Massaro, London, and Kendrick looked fantastic together. It’s a shame WWE opted to go in a different route with the trio when Ashley photographed nude for Playboy because her punk-rock tendencies suited nicely with their high-energy, high-flying ring approach.

Ashley Massaro was a victim during Vince’s Era

She allegedly suffered a sexual assault while on a WWE tour in Kuwait at a US military installation. Massaro stated she was urged to keep any discussion of abuse quiet because she was participating in the “Tribute To The Troops” event. Nobody had said who had instructed her to be silent.

Especially with reference to the first suit, Ashley didn’t jumble her remarks. She alleged that the WWE crew failed to guarantee her health was not impacted after the show and instead instructed her to “shake it off” after suffering concussions during matches.

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