Bray Wyatt has received an offer, but not from WWE?

The decision to release Bray Wyatt in July 2021 astonished a lot of people, despite the former Universal Champion being unpopular with the crowd.

After reinventing himself in 2019 as “The Fiend,” Wyatt became one of the most distinctive characters fans had ever encountered in the company. Since his contentious dismissal, Bray hasn’t competed, hence his most recent match was his defeat of Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37.

What’s The Deal?

Bray has pledged to continue wrestling, although it is unclear when he will have his next contest.

A “startup wrestling company” reportedly has a standing offer for Wyatt to join, according to a recent article. The offer is “serious,” according to a source who talked, although it is unknown if Wyatt will accept. It was strongly hinted that Freddie Prinze Jr., who stated earlier this year that he is starting his own promotion, was the source of the offer. In recent turn of events, there has been a statement made were it was stated that AEW also had “at least some interest” in signing Wyatt.

Freddie Prinze Jr. coming into the picture

With Freddie Prinze Jr.’s recent promotion, Bray Wyatt might soon be working for the She’s All That actor. In a podcast episode from June, Prinze stated that he has enough income for a “three-year plan.” Prinze also stated that he intends for his promotion to be a SAG show, which means that the cast and crew will all be Screen Actors Guild union members. Employees will be guaranteed access to all insurance, medical, and retirement benefits by virtue of being a member of SAG. However, attempts to unionize the wrestling industry in the past have failed, and a wrestler’s future bookings may suffer if they are a member of SAG.

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Can he return to WWE?

Since being released by the WWE in July of last year, Bray Wyatt has kept a low profile in the wrestling community. He has recently been hinting at a comeback, though. Many people now feel that The Fiend will return to the squared circle very soon as a result of actions like a trademark filing for a potential ring name.

The allegations that Triple H is attempting to “bolster” the main roster and has spoken with released stars about a potential return have only served to feed the rumours of his return.

When was the last time he was in the ring?

Bray Wyatt’s final WWE contest was on the second day of WrestleMania 37, Wyatt faced off against his archrival Randy Orton in his final WWE encounter. After Alexa Bliss betrayed Wyatt, The Viper unexpectedly won the match via pinfall. In a “Firefly Fun House” segment on the WWE Raw episode that followed WrestleMania, Wyatt declared he was looking for a new beginning. Wyatt’s contract was terminated by WWE less than four months later.

According to a recent revelation, Vince McMahon was not a fan of Bray Wyatt. One wrestler claimed that Wyatt was “done” for McMahon. Evidently, McMahon would criticize Wyatt’s physical appearance. The report also stated that Wyatt angered McMahon by openly disparaging some of the original ideas. This didn’t sit well with McMahon, who became upset about what he perceived as the third-generation superstar’s “poor attitude.”

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