Booker T relates with Jeff Hardy's reason for turning down WWE HOF offer

Booker T relates with Jeff Hardy’s reason for turning down WWE HOF offer

In the interaction on his latest episode of Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke on Jeff Hardy rejecting the offer to being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. The company offered him with the opportunity and a chance to return to the company, but Jeff had reasons of his own. That is something that the two-time inductee understood and empathized with.

Hardys want to finish it the way they started it – Booker T 

“You know what, I get it, I totally understand,” Booker T admitted. “Those guys worked in that company together for years, and they started there together. They’re originals as far as WWF goes, those guys are originals. I think the Hardys, I really think they want to finish it the way they started it, together. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“I give them all the props in the world for wanting to do it like that. I wish me and my brother could have finished it like that. Honestly, the way I started it. And I wanted to finish it the way I started it, and that was with my brother. That didn’t get a chance to come to fruition. But these guys still have time to make something like that happen.”

Booker T believes The Hardy Boys will get inducted together in the HOF someday

Later on, Booker T explained how Jeff Hardy might get inducted in the coveted WWE HOF after some time, if not now. In fact, Booker T opined that the company will eventually offer to put the popular tag team into the Hall Of Fame together.

“There’s more than enough time for WWE to come around and say, ‘man, we need both of these guys in the Hall Of Fame at the same time. Because they are our original Hardy Boyz tag team and they’ve done so much for this company,’” he believes. “So yeah, man, I can see that.”

On the work front, it was rumored that Jeff Hardy will be making his AEW debut against Isiah Kassidy. Since it was announced that it will be a ladder match, many believed that the rumor must be true. However, as it turned out, it was the former WWE star Keith Lee that Tony Khan had been referring to.

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