Blackpink’s Lisa Continues Breaking Records With B-Side ‘Money’

You know an album is extremely successful when the b-sides top charts on Billboard and breaks records. This is what is happening with Lisa’s solo debut. The singer made her solo debut with her first single album, LaLisa on September 10.

The album includes the title track, LaLisa and its instrumental version while the b-side includes ‘Money’ and its instrumental version. In the West, the concept of title tracks and b-sides have also subsided however, K-pop still uses it as a marketing strategy. The label chooses to focus their money and energy on the one title track that will gain the attention of fans and non-fans as well.

This is with regards to the artists releasing a music video and promoting it on various shows, interviews and music shows. This strategy helps gain new listeners who might not be ready to fully commit to an entire album. In the same manner, Lisa’s title track for her solo debut was Lalisa and Money is a b-side that hasn’t received any promotions yet.

Blackpink’s agency, YG Entertainment has not done a fantastic job at promoting the singer’s album. However, the title track Lalisa did get a music video and is the song fans are focusing to push on charting. Money does not have a performance video and it has not been promoted on music shows or even interviews. This makes the song being on topping charts even more impressive.

Lisa Breaks Numerous Records With Her Solo Debut Album

Fans noticed that Billboard had announced that Money had been on top of one of the charts for the week. The b-side, Money is currently on #1 on Billboard Rap Digital Song Sales chart. As per Forbes magazine, Lisa has become the first K-Pop Female act to reach #1 on this particular chart. On the other hand, Money is also on the #2 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales chart.

This has made Lisa the highest charting K-Pop act to ever achieve that rank on this chart. It was also #44 on Billboard Global 200, #24 on Global 200 Exc. US Chart, #8 on Digital Songs Sales chart, #9 on Spain Digital Song Sales Chart and #14 on the Canadian Digital Song Sales chart. It has also broken the record of being the first b-side by a K-Pop Female soloist to be in the top 10 of Billboard Digital Song Sales Chart.

The song Money gave Lalisa competition as it was #1 on iTunes in 10 countries. Lisa also became the first K-pop female soloist to occupy the top 2 spots on iTunes Worldwide as ‘Lalisa’ was #1. However, we do know now that Money is getting a performance video which will be released on September 23 at 12 am KST on Blackpink’s official YouTube channel.

Lilies have been thrilled and have got Money trending to cheer the Billboard charting and hype up the performance video which will be released in a few hours.


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