Blackpink’s Jennie Trends As She Gets Dragged Into Lisa Mistreatment Row

Unless you have been off the internet, you would know that YG Entertainment has come under fire for the past few days. They have been accused of mistreating Blackpink member Lisa.

The idol’s solo debut album received little to no promotion from the label and ended after 10 days. YG was criticized for cultural appropriation as the stylists’ used box braids while the music producers used AAVE for the b-side Money song. The label tried to trick fans into thinking that Lisa would be joining Rose, Jisoo and Jennie at Paris Fashion Week.

Bvlgari’s CEO and Vogue Thailand have both talked about Lisa’s absence at the shows. This was despite her presence in France and the CEO addressed the issue. He made a special Instagram post as he stated that Lisa had been invited to Etam’s show and Bvlgari’s campaign. However, as per him, it turns out the label had cited COVID-19 as an excuse for her absence.

But the idol has been vaccinated and the other members had been allowed to attend the crowded shows. The problem started when few news agencies started dragging Jennie into the issue as well. It reported that Lisa had been stopped from attending the Bvlgari’s show at Paris Fashion Week.

However, when they tweeted the article, they decided to add a hashtag for Jennie. This did not go down well with fans. They thought the agency was trying to use her name for social media reach or trying to hint that Jennie did something with regards to Lisa’s mistreatment. Fans made it clear that it is purely YG’s fault and there was no reason for the Blackpink member to be dragged.

But when the response came, it was deemed as unprofessional. As per fans, Sir Cod Satrusayang and Erich Parpart seemed to be mocking their anger. They were the editor and writer of the Thai Enquirer. Fans took to Twitter to start the trend of #ApologizeToJennie. They expressed,  “The question is why only her name being mention? It’s obviously the Hidden meaning of it to paint her as the bad one & they said we overact but even u can see the tweet & all. Plus both editor chief & senior shade J STOP USING JENNIE”.

A fan wrote, “Imagine being an editor in chief with a mindset as low as this daaaang i don’t  know what happen to people right now I’M SPEECHLESS! PROTECT JENNIE FROM THAI MEDIA.” Another fan expressed that Jennie is not involved here and urged them to stop hating on Blackpink members.


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