BLACKPINK’s ‘BORN PINK’ World Tour Breaks Records, Surpasses $100 Million in Revenue

BLACKPINK, the global phenomenon and reigning queens of K-pop, have achieved yet another milestone in their illustrious career. Their groundbreaking “BORN PINK” world tour has shattered records by becoming the first-ever girl group tour to surpass the monumental milestone of $100 million in revenue. With their captivating performances and unwavering fan support, BLACKPINK has solidified their position as one of the most influential and successful acts in the music industry.

The “BORN PINK” tour kicked off in October 2022 to a rapturous response from fans worldwide. With 33 out of 62 shows completed, BLACKPINK’s achievement serves as a testament to their global popularity and the unwavering loyalty of their fan base spanning across countries and continents. The total revenue generated from the tour stands at a staggering $106,418,431, an impressive figure that reflects the immense demand for BLACKPINK’s live performances.

Starting their tour in their home country of Korea, BLACKPINK mesmerized 20,060 fans at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, delivering two unforgettable nights that generated $2,321,471 in revenue. Venturing overseas, the quartet wowed fans across North America, selling out shows in prominent cities such as Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Newark, Los Angeles, and Hamilton.

Their performances at iconic venues in the United States garnered significant attention. The American Airlines Center in Dallas, with a capacity of 23,528, witnessed packed arenas for two shows, accumulating a revenue of $6,181,742. Similarly, the Toyota Center in Houston, the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, the United Center in Chicago, the Prudential Center in Newark, the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, and the FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton all saw sold-out shows and impressive revenue figures.

BLACKPINK’s global influence extended to Europe, where they performed in cities like London, Barcelona, Cologne, Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. Their captivating presence and electrifying performances garnered immense attention, resulting in record-breaking ticket sales and revenue. The O2 Arena in London, with a capacity of 35,440, witnessed two unforgettable nights that generated $5,755,155. Other European venues also experienced overwhelming demand, further solidifying BLACKPINK’s status as an international sensation.

The quartet’s success was not limited to their home continent and Europe; they also made a triumphant return to their Asian roots. BLACKPINK held breathtaking shows in Bangkok, Thailand, and Hong Kong, drawing massive crowds and generating substantial revenue. The Suphachalasai Stadium in Bangkok hosted two sold-out nights, attracting a total of 66,211 fans and amassing $12,393,129 in revenue. Meanwhile, the AsiaWorld-Arena in Hong Kong accommodated three electrifying shows that brought in 32,312 fans, generating $8,270,805 in revenue.

Additionally, BLACKPINK’s enchanting performances resonated with fans in the Middle East, where they took the stage in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The BLVD International Site in Riyadh welcomed a crowd of 26,578 fans, while the Etihad Park in Abu Dhabi saw 22,209 fans, further amplifying the group’s global reach and impact.

BLACKPINK‘s “BORN PINK” world tour has not only captivated audiences worldwide but also proved to be a commercial triumph. Surpassing $100 million in revenue is a remarkable feat for any touring artist, and BLACKPINK’s achievement reinforces their status as a global powerhouse.

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