Believe It Or Not The Atlanta Hawks Have A Championship Contending Roster!

Believe It Or Not The Atlanta Hawks Have A Championship Contending Roster!

The off-season had some important trades despite not making as much noise. Yet three teams have had their teams strengthened because of this trade. But one team in particular seems to have received skepticism despite the strength they have within the roster. That team is the Atlanta Hawks.

The trade change

The Hawks pulled off one of the biggest trades by signing Dejounte Murray from the San Antonio Spurs. They did it by just trading an ageing Danilo Gallinari and their future picks. Considering how young the team is, the Hawks have made the wise decision of giving away their picks.

Their core team remained intact. They traded away Kevin Heurter who has shown his blitz in shooting but was weak defensively. This made space for Dejounte Murray who was more defensively sound and had led the league in steals in the season prior.

Their starting lineup is insane!

Many have thought what about their playstyles? Won’t they coincide? That’s wrong considering Young is more of an outside shooter. Murray on the other hand prefers to slash towards the rim and take mid-range shots. Although Young is a better playmaker, the ball can be kept in either of their hands and they would utilize their teammates well.

That is just their backcourt. Looking at their frontcourt, the Hawks have De’Andre Hunter who has improved his shooting drastically. His health is an issue but if he can stay on the court, the Hawks will be able to spread the floor. John Collins is another player who would be causing rampage with his combination of dunks and shooting.

In the playoffs, the Hawks have taken the wise decision of not playing Clint Capela. This kept him healthy and ready for the next season. Having Capela as the anchor will benefit the Hawks in lot more ways. His rebounding is an asset with the amount of shooting they would be doing in the next season.

The bench is deep as well

What about their bench? The Hawks have a comparatively deeper bench than thought of. They have a reliable 6th man in Bogdan Bogdanovic who can catch fire at any given time. Onyeka Okongwu is a work in progress but his athleticism on both ends of the court will come in handy.

Both the Holiday brothers, Justin and Aaron will be playing for the Hawks so they can use their coordination to their advantage. Plus having a shooting big in Frank Kaminsky gives them a better floor spacing.

The Hawks are in way better shape than many have thought about. Don’t forget that this was the same team that had reached the Eastern Conference Finals in the 2021 playoffs when everyone was healthy. It would be foolish to write them off when they have gotten so much better. Of course the rest of the East is competitive as well but the Hawks have an equal chance to come out of the East. This time the Hawks might soar the sky who knows!

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