Bad Blood Between Jake Paul & Hasim Rahman Jr.? Jake Paul Claims

Bad Blood Between Jake Paul & Hasim Rahman Jr.? Jake Paul Claims

Jake Paul has recently claimed that there is a feud between him and new opponent Hasim Rahman Jr.

Both Jake and Hasim have argued before Jake’s early professional fights with Youtuber AnEsonGib and basketball star Nate Robinson. Paul revealed that the last sparring session between them got very heated and they ended up in a verbal spat.

In an interview with, the influencer shared,

“Those sessions were very, very heated. The last one ended with him calling me a YouTuber, saying I’ll never go anywhere in the sport of boxing; criticizing me saying, you know like he’s gonna beat up my whole entire team. So there’s bad blood here.”

Jake claimed that it was difficult to face Rahman in their sparring sessions. However, the Youtuber believes he can beat Rahman in the boxing ring. He added that it is a massive risk as no boxer has ever taken a huge risk early in their career.

The boxer also shared how Canelo’s sixth fight is against a guy who is 2-2, and Gervonta’s sixth is against someone who’s 2-8. He said these people are not risking as he is which makes this a big fight.

Their fight will take place in Madison Square Garden on August 6. Earlier, Paul was going to fight Fury but their fight was called off. This came after Tommy faced visa issues and was not allowed to enter the US.

It is true that Rahman will be a tough opponent to win against than Fury as he has a 12-1 record. The boxer fights in the heavyweight division and came down to a 200-pound cruiserweight limit to fight Jake.

“I’m psychotic. Chaotic. Problematic.”

Paul also revealed how his brother, Logan Paul advised him against it. He was warned by his brother for taking a fight with Hasim because it is very risky. However, Jake being Jake did not want to step down and decided to take the risk.

The influencer-turned-boxer had revealed that he wanted this fight ever since Hasim ran his “big mouth” in the gym two years ago. He further shared that his brother and manager did not want him to take this fight because its risky.

The boxer further wrote, “The New York State Athletic Commission didn’t want to approve this fight because they said Hasim had too much experience for me. He has over 100 amateur fights. 10 times more than Tommy. But I’m built different. I’m psychotic. Chaotic. Problematic.”

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