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Backstage Information On Why AEW Suspended Pat Buck And Others 

Following the fallout from the All Out backstage brawl between CM Punk, Ace Steel, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks, AEW CEO Tony Khan has yet to publicly announce any suspensions for the five wrestlers or anyone else involved in the situation. Khan, in fact, has made no comments other than to relieve the participants of their respective belts.

According to multiple reports, most, if not all, of the participants were suspended, including Michael Nakazawa, Pat Buck, Christopher Daniels, and Brandon Cutler, who were all involved in breaking up the fight and were all told to stay home from the following week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. According to an update to this story, the suspensions for the 4 bystanders have been lifted, and Buck is now backstage this week’s Dynamite.

Daniels & Nakazama were all on their way to Japan for a previously scheduled trip, but according to Fightful, they will now compete in AEW matches at the Tokyo Game Show. The suspensions in these cases were supposedly done preliminarily and for emergency purposes until more info on the situation became available, and none of them appear to have acted in a way that warranted further punishment.

According to the source, there were a couple of other names near the backstage scuffle, but none of them were suspended because they had no physical involvement in the situation. Concerning the main culprits, The Elite is still cancelled, with no time schedule for its return, and Omega has already planned to take this week off. Punk & Steel’s status with the firm is unidentified, though that was noted that Steel was not present at Dynamite this week.

AEW All Out 2022

The suspensions of The Elite, CM Punk, and others engaged in the recent chaos following AEW All Out 2022 have become the hottest thing in the wrestling world, with fans & insiders weighing in on who they believe was in the wrong. Whereas he didn’t take sides in the scenario, Booker T did have some tough words for CM Punk and also what he sees as hypocrisy from the veteran AEW World Champion.

Booker T stated on the most recent episode of Hall of Fame that he isn’t sure if Punk practises what he preached at the post-All Out Press Briefing. When discussing Punk’s anguish that younger talent was unwilling to listen to veteran advice, Booker named Punk out for the same behaviour. He’s one of main characters who refuses to listen to advice! Booker went on to say that the way Punk effectually took credit for AEW’s various successes was inappropriate of a top guy.


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