Baby Doge Hits A New All-Time High While The Community Steadily Marches Upward

Baby Doge is a fast rising star in the memecoin community, steadily climbing upwards in the crypto market over the past few days by surging more than 115% in merely two weeks.

Up till today in 2022, the token reached over 1.2 million holders on 13 Jan, surpassed Ethereum to become the most traded token among the 1000 richest BSC wallets on 10 January, and even outnumbered the holders of the solid Shiba Inu community for some time on Jan 4.

So it doesn’t come as a big surprise that, for breaking its all-time high today on 16 January, Baby Doge was placed among the top trending searches on not just twitter, but on the popular crypto exchange CoinGecko as well. At the time of publishing this report, it has been approximately two hours since Baby Doge hit it’s ATH at $0.000000006345, according to CoinGecko.

Making Money Moves: Petition To Binance And Rumored NFT Launch

Ever since Baby Doge crept into the ranks of the of the most traded token amid BSC wallets, the petitions to list this digital currency on US’s top cryptocurrencies exchange Binance have grown significantly, prompting babydoge enthusiasts to start another wave of the same appeal after the memecoin’s tweets crossed Binance’s on 16 January.

In all likelihood, Baby Doge may see itself getting listed on Binance in the near future, since in the words of Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance “If a coin has a large number of users, then we will list it. That’s the overwhelming significant attribute. Consider for example meme tokens, even though I personally don’t get it, if it’s used by a large number of users we list it. We go by the community, my opinion doesn’t matter.”

Some people engaged in the crypto space have predicted the release of a BabyDoge NFT collection as well, and yet no intimation regarding the same has been made on BabyDoge’s official twitter account thus far, barring a poll that tested the waters on whether their community would be interested in them issuing one on 14 January.

Keep in mind that Baby Doge is still on the rise at the time of publishing this story, and has increased roughly 3.5% in value over the past hour; its also up by 19.1% in the last 24 hours.


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