Azan Sami Khan And Maya Ali ‘Ik Lamha’ Is Out!

The handsome hunk of Lollywood, Azan Sami Khan is back with a music video set in 1964. Azan Sami Khan is looking adorable with Maya Ali as his love interest. The video ‘Ik Lamha’ is set in Karachi in 1964 with a vintage vibe.

Likewise, Azan Sami Khan released his much-anticipated song of the year. The video features Azan Sami at a cabaret of sorts with Gatsby styled showstoppers dancing in the back. He wears a tuxedo while his ladylove dons a dramatic 60s hairdo and embellished mustard outfit. The audio from the video seems to be a blend of qawwali and electric guitar score with tablas playing in the background, have a look!

Azan Sami Khan In Ishq E Laa

The latest episode of Ishq-e-Laa is creating a lot of buzz with some important developments. And it should, because the story processed with the Sultan’s death and Azlaan’s disappointment. Azaan Sami Khan and Sajal Aly’s on-screen chemistry has also made their couple one which viewers have all the reasons to root for. But it is quite clear that Azlan will also experience a big loss which will alter the course of his track.

Maya Ali In Her Upcoming Project

It came up as a biggest surprise for Wahaj Ali and Maya Ali fans. Geo Entertainment has released the teasers of an upcoming drama serial starring Maya Ali, Wahaj Ali and Asad as the leading characters.

The teasers seem to be very interesting and feel like it’s a period play. Indeed, it is going to hit the audience at a different level. In a few scenes, Hindi has written. This hints us there is definitely be something regarding India and Pakistan in the drama.

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