Austin Theory Reveals Why He Changed His Name Under The New Administration

Austin Theory Reveals Why He Changed His Name Under The New Administration

Since taking on the role of Chief Content Officer for WWE, Triple H has emerged as one of the most significant and influential figures in the world of professional wrestling. He recently lauded the current US Champion, Austin Theory, and explained why he had to change his name under the new administration.

Last year, as the Chief Content Officer and Head of the Creative Department for all three brands in WWE, Triple H was given new duties. He made numerous improvements to the program and reinstated superstars who had been let go by the audience. Under his rule, Theory regained his first name and became Austin Theory, among other modifications.

The Game explained in an interview why he felt the need to restore Austin to Theory’s ring name. Look it over: It’s a little difficult to just call him Theory, as Triple H said. “When he was introduced, it seemed a little strange to me as well, like theory!” It’s strange. Is Stone Cold Steve Austin entering the room? Are fans confused by it? I think there is already a problem if you don’t know the difference between Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Austin Theory.


Therefore, we are addressing the incorrect side of the issue. Austin Theory, who was chosen by Vince McMahon to be his protege, received preferential treatment on the main roster last year. In the end, he was given a bout against Pat McAfee at WrestleMania 38. Later on, during a WWE RAW show, he defeated Finn Balor to win his first United States Championship. After having a respectable run with the title under the previous administration, he lost it to Bobby Lashley.

Following the installation of the new administration, Triple H went back to Austin Theory and kept going after the US Championship. He was defeated by Seth “Freakin” Rollins for the Money in the Bank contract, though. When Theory won the second United States Championship at Survivor Series by defeating Bobby Lashley and Seth freakin’ Rollins, his heel persona reached new heights. In recent title battles, he triumphed over Rollins and Lashley.

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