Austin McBroom Sued Amidst Foreclosure & Multiple Lawsuits

Austin McBroom Sued Amidst Foreclosure & Multiple Lawsuits

ACE Family’s Austin McBroom had addressed the rumours surrounding him and his company, Social Gloves Entertainment. His company was allegedly bankrupt and rumours were circulating that the fighters; who participated were not paid for the boxing event.

On July 24th, the matriarch responded to these rumours and stated that the digital media company, LiveXLive was withholding the funds. This explains why no one was getting paid under Social Gloves. However, new documents have now emerged.

As per the new documents, LiveXLive is allegedly suing Austin and his family for $100 million dollars. This adds to the list of lawsuits that the matriarch is allegedly facing. For those of you who are unaware, the influencer is already facing two smaller suits against his company, Ace Hat Collection; and Catherine McBroom’s legal battle with former business partners.

On top of all of this, there have also been rumours about the alleged foreclosure of the ACE Family’s Encino, California house. All of these came out in the span of a month after the Social Gloves boxing event. Do you think that the rumours are true?

Vinnie Hacker and Josh Richards had come forward to state that they have not been paid for their appearances in the event, just two weeks after. Several other influencers also came forward to state the same and rumours started circulating.

However, all of this was denied by both Austin and his company, Social Gloves before the first two lawsuits came out in the public. Right after this, the ACE Family’s $7 million home was allegedly in the midst of foreclosure. The rumours regarding the house began circulating after it was listed on home-buying sites stating the lot was “pre-foreclosure”. There was also the reason stated in the screenshots as it read it was due to backed mortgage payments.

Austin had denied those rumours again as he stated it as a false narrative. Many users believed they would announce their move via Youtube.

Do you believe the rumours or do you believe Austin McBroom? Let us know in the comments below.

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