Austin Butler Chosen Over Harry Styles To Play Elvis Presley, Check Out Film Details

Biopics have the power to bring the story of a person to the front of the world, to show them the unseen story which was never told before. The story that will enable people to see from an individual’s point of view.

One such story of the famous American singer Elvis Presley is coming to theatres and fans are waiting to see it. He was the man who introduced the rock and roll music culture in America. One of the greatest best-selling artists of all time with millions of records sold and has a Guinness World record of that.

In recent times, many filmmakers have started making musical biopics of artists and celebrities, some of the movies are Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book, Rocketman, Round midnight, La Bamba, and many more.

For the first time, the biopic was announced in the year 2014 by Baz Luhrmann, and now it’s officially going to release in theatres on 24th June.

The role of legendary singer Elvis Presley will be played by Austin Butler and will be directed by Baz Luhrmann.

There were many other actors in contention for the role of Elvis Presley and have auditioned like Harry Styles (Watermelon Sugar singer), Ansel Elgort (The Fault in our stars actor),Aaron Taylor Johnson (Quicksilver of MCU), and Miles Taylor (Whiplash actor).

Austin Butler was the top choice of the director even over Harry Styles, when asked about the same as to why he didn’t choose Harry his response was, “The real issue with Harry is, he’s Harry Styles. He’s already an icon.”

Austin Butler will be playing opposite to the very famous Forrest Gump Actor Tom Hanks who will be his manager in the film.

The Main Cast Of The Film

Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Dacre Montgomery, Olivia DeJonge, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Natasha Bassett, Luke Bracey Alton Mason, Yola, Rufus Sewell, and Xavier Samuel.

About Elvis Movie 2022

The story is about the legendary singer Elvis Presley also known as the King of Rock and Roll. It’s about his childhood, the initial days of his career, and how he rose to stardom in the 1950s. Also, the movie focuses on his complicated relationship with his manager Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks).

Watch the trailer of Elvis, here.

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