GOT7’s Youngjae’s Solo Debut Tops Charts; Says Ahgases Are The Best News

GOT7’s Youngjae’s Solo Debut Tops Charts; Says Ahgases Are The Best

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October 6, 2021

Youngjae is one of the best vocalists in K-Pop and he knows how to make an entrance. The seventh member to go solo released his solo debut mini-album, Colors From Ars. For fans who love the connection of the number 7 with the group, here’s something cool.

The album has seven tracks and the idol is going solo seven years after his debut with GOT7. Fans have expressed their appreciation by helping his album top charts. The singer released his mini-album and its title track, Vibin on October 5. Vibin enables fans to hear the singer as the strengths of the vocal powerhouse can be heard.

The rest of the songs have Youngjae’s signature sound as he experiments with R&B. Colors from Ars have already topped various charts even before it reached the 24-hour mark. It is at #1 on iTunes Albums Chart in 30 countries and #2 on the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart. The album is also #1 on the European iTunes Album Chart.

Meanwhile, ‘Vibin’ is at #8 on the iTunes Worldwide Song Chart. It is also #1 on iTunes Top Songs Chart in 26 countries at the moment and continues to rise. The idol’s album has reached #4 on US iTunes as the title track reached #1 on Genie in less than 8 hours.

The other thing fans absolutely admire is the group’s close bond. They have been supporting each other despite being in different countries, with different schedules and from different labels. GOT7 had already started promoting Youngjae’s solo before it had been announced.

JayB shared several spoilers while Yugyeom, Bambam and JayB reacted to the music video teaser. They even did the Vibin TikTok challenge and even Mark came in to support the release on Twitter. Bambam actually made a collage of the solos the members have released this year and JayB shared it. Few fans joked how they would be looking forward to Jinyoung’s thumbs up posts.

The idol actor might be busy filming for his upcoming dramas but Ahgases are still touched that he makes time to support his members’ solo venture. Happy fans trended Youngjae to celebrate his solo debut. They made tweets like, “#Youngjae: this is his city show,” “Sam from so not worth it?” and “Congratulations ???????? Are you seeing this ?” One added, “I’m so proud of youngjae.”

Youngjae himself replied to the achievements, “Our ahgases are the best.”