Will Ospreay

At Forbidden Door, Will Ospreay Specifies The Type Of AEW Opponent He Desires

Will Ospreay thinks he has a chance to wrestle a homegrown AEW celebrity at the forthcoming AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event. The New Japan Pro Wrestling star discussed the historic cross-promoted event that will take place upcoming month, claiming that CM Punk and Bryan Danielson seem to be obvious opponents. The show was sold out all of the tickets that were initially made accessible, resulting in additional tickets being made available with seats behind the stage of the United Center.

Although no actual matches have been revealed as of yet, it is anticipated that some dream interactions will take place among talents on both lineups. One that Ospreay may not have been keen on having is against Kenny Omega, as he recently admitted that the two of them are not on good terms, and yet he did chime in on a distinct alternative option for him. I’d like a challenge, and by that I mean a homemade guy, he stated. Like someone who didn’t even come from NXT or New Japan, since I believe that’s the challenging task.

Kazuchika Okada vs. CM Punk

Can I have a sick fight with somebody born and raised in AEW? I’d adore to rip it up with Jungle Boy. Ospreay aims that AEW and New Japan will go balls to the f*cking wall to dream matches at the Forbidden Door show, and he believes that Kazuchika Okada vs. CM Punk is a good option to make happen. But Tony Khan will give a stacked lineup to this show, including talent who have been with him since the beginning and all of the stars he has signed since then, from Adam Cole to Andrade El Idolo.

I really like the product. I think it’s fantastic, and it makes me want to be a wrestling fan even more, so the true difficulty for me is that there are obviously guys on there like Keith Lee. Ospreay added, “Mox, that would be a hell of a thing.” Dante would be an excellent choice. But I’d really like to see someone from the grassroots, because you’ve got all these star players, all these dream players.

You immediately think top five, Punk, Danielson, all these guys, but the guys who were there to the beginning, I’d like them. Since I believe I could have had the perfect fit with one of them, so they’re hungry and moving, we must be in those situations.


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