Asmongold Left In Tears After Reading A Fan-Mail Of How He Helped Save The Fan’s Life

Popular Twitch personality Asmongold is one of the finest streamers of the platform.

After his short break from Twitch, he talked about his mental health issues and suicidal thoughts in his return stream.

Asmongold revealed that he wanted to kill himself many times in his previous stream. In the latest stream after his Twitch return, the MMO streamer opened fan-mail sent to his P.O box.

One of the fan-mail made Asmongold really emotional. He was almost left in tears after reading the fan letter.

Asmongold started by saying that the writer wanted “to share a story about how you’ve helped me,” he went on to read the message’s contents live on stream.

‘You Are Important’

The fan who wrote the letter was in an abusive relationship with her partner. She wrote in the letter to Asmongold “I want you to know that you have no idea how much you’ve helped me.”

The fan said that her former partner used to play Asmon’s videos while assaulting her

“You’ve been the reason I didn’t commit suicide so many times throughout all of that. The amount of times I’ve laughed and smiled because of your videos and streams, in general, made me rethink.”

“I feel like you deserve to hear you’re important, and that you have an impact on people.”

What Did Asmongold Say?

Asmongold was taken aback after listening to the story. His eyes were teary and he said “thank you, thank you very much.”

“I didn’t expect to read that,” he confesses, “but thank you so much for sharing. I appreciate that. I’m glad to have been of help.”


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