Asmongold Reveals Mental Health Struggles; Says He Wanted To ‘Kill Himself’

Asmongold is known as one of the best Twitch streamers on earth. But there’s another side to the seemingly crazy, fun, and goofy personality of the streamer.

Asmongold, in his September 11 stream opened up about his mental health struggles and his encounter with suicidal thoughts. But do not worry as the streamer reassured his fans about his health later on.

TW: The story talks about suicide, self-harm, mental health, and in case you do not want to read about such sensitive topics, then your discretion is advised.

What Did Asmongold Say?

Asmongold got a donation from a fan along with a question whether he has ‘ever felt like Reckful (the Twitch streamer who died by suicide in 2020)’.

Fan: “Do you ever feel how Reckful felt unironically?”

Asmongold: (he was quick to respond by saying) “I probably shouldn’t say this, I’ve wanted to kill myself many times, yeah, absolutely,”

But there’s one caveat that kind of reassured the concerned fans of Asmongold.

The streamer added, “Yeah, many many times, I’m just too much of a p****y to do it, don’t worry about it I’ll be fine, I’m not going anywhere.”

Fan Reactions

The chat flooded with positive messages, healing wishes, and supportive wishes for Asmongold immediately after he discussed this topic. The streamer took some more time to talk about the issue and revealed some changes that he wants to make in his streams going forward.

“I’d like to take down some of the super high energy stuff I do, and just try to have a little bit more of, just me,” Asmongold said. “Not a bunch of crazy bulls***t, not a bunch of weird showmanship, just me. Just me streaming us having fun together, and relaxing.”

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