ARMYs Cannot Keep Calm After Suga's Shirtless Photoshoot

ARMYs Cannot Keep Calm After Suga’s Shirtless Photoshoot

BTS member, Suga, released some artistic and aesthetic photos of himself from a photoshoot.

The singer can be seen having no shirt on as he is covered in plants and flowers. These props are majorly in the shade of pink and blue. The motive of the photoshoot or why it was taken has not been revealed so far. Fans, however, have termed it a “mysterious” delight.

The idol posted a series of pictures where he is looking ethereal. Suga’s first image from the photoshoot sees him looking amazing with snowflake-shaped petals and white flowers around his neck.

As for the second image, he looks elegant with the pink web. According to fans, the singer looks God-like in the photos with his eyes closed. Right after Suga dropped these photos, ARMYs went completely wild on Twitter. They were excited and amazed.

However, Suga has been posting aesthetic images on his Instagram for quite some time now. Some fans have turned into detectives and claimed that they finally found the singer’s unrevealed tattoo. All BTS members share the same tattoo of the number 7 which spells BTS when put together.

The tattoo artist revealed the placements of other members’ tattoos. However, Suga’s has always remained a mystery. Many fans said it is at the back of the idol’s head but they are confused if it is just a strand of hair or not. But there are mixed opinions regarding the same.

Nevertheless, fans have been thrilled with the new photos and are welcoming his new era as he showcases different sides of himself.


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