ARMY Creates BTS’ Jimin Memes Amid Instagram Outage News

ARMY Creates BTS’ Jimin Memes Amid Instagram Outage

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Time icon October 5, 2021

Many social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook had stopped working on October 4. This made many users doubt their network providers or devices. However, everyone jumped onto Twitter to know what happened.

As it turns out, it was a partial blackout because of a whistleblower. The person made Mark Zuckerberg lose millions and while people were impatiently waiting for the matter to be solved, BTS ARMY turned to BTS’ Jimin to make memes. Fans had very funny responses online to the social media outage.

While people were getting impatient, ARMY decided to pass their time by making memes and posts on Jimin. Back in 2019, a user named aksel had joked about seeing Jimin on trending no matter what. The tweet was brought back and it said, “The world could enter a nuclear fallout and we would still see Jimin trending #1 worldwide.” 

ARMY decided to run the joke although they weren’t aware if the user was a fan of Jimin or not. But that is exactly what happened as fans ended up tending BTS’ Jimin as they made memes when Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram were down. It was also because this month of October is Jimin’s month as his birthday falls on October 13. Even the user who had tweeted that was surprised when his 2019 tweet blew up.

Few hilarious memes included, “Jimin Jimin is on his way,” “Everyone lets start now JIMIN JIMIN,” and “Friend sad? here comes JIMIN JIMIN.” Another fan added, “Thank you Jimin for fixing the internet. You are not called the IT boy for no reason!” Meanwhile, other fans commented, The world currently having a social media meltdown right now * Also the world trying to pass the time: JIMIN JIMIN.”

After the trend started, true to the 2019 tweet, Jimin Jimin was actually trending. A user wrote,  “Only JIMIN JIMIN can fix everyone’s problems,” “Jimin took over Worldwide trends & across the world as the one and only Trending Emperor!” Twitter recorded the most active users ever and Jimin was trending at #1 worldwide. The trend had 1.2 million tweets.

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