Watch ARMY Reaction Over Coldplay X BTS ‘My Universe’ Musical Video

  • BTS ARMY and the Coldplay fans along with the whole globe have been excited. Finally My Universe music video is out.
  • BTS and Coldplay have outdone themselves in more ways than one.
  • The septet and the British band have created a melody that has all over the planet swaying in unison.

BTS ARMY break down futuristic music video

Coldplay and BTS have dropped the official music video of their collaborative track ‘My Universe’ and it was in every sense, ‘out of this world’.

Since the launch of the music video, ARMY and Coldplay fans took to social media to decode the meaning of the video. Whether it was the band’s message about rebelling against oppressors, or the coronavirus inspired enemy ship, or even the aliens and the values they represent, fans posted it all on social media.
The British rockers and the K-Pop superstars gave fans a ticket out of reality with this futuristic video. That features the boy bands from different plants uniting through holograms and jamming with aliens and robots.

According to reports, Chris Martin and director Dave Meyers’ vision for the music video was a science fiction. A story set in a time of isolation, where only music can unifying them. Putting the message out, the boys added a little note that read, “Once upon a time, many years from now… music is forbidden across spheres. On three different planets, three different bands defy the ban. DJ Lafrique, on her alien radio ship, unites them via holoband. All the while they are hunted by their silencers.”


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