Apple Will Replace Defective Airpods Free Of Cost For Its Users

Apple launched a service program on Friday for AirPods Pro manufactured before October 2020. According to Apple, users with affected devices may hear crackling or static sounds that increase in loud environments, while exercising or while talking on the phone. Besides that issue, some AirPods Pro may have problems with active noise cancellation not working as expected, which can result in problems such as the loss of bass sound.

The Problem

Other issues include an increase in background sounds, such as airplane or street noise.

Users that experience one or more of the above problems can get in touch with Apple or Apple-authorized service providers to get their device examined. If Apple or the service provider determines that the devices are eligible for the service program, the AirPods Pro will be replaced. The program covers one or both earbuds.

Apple said on Friday that it’s replacing AirPods Pro headphones that have sound problems.

These problems include a static or crackling sound that increases in loud environments and issues with active noise cancellation.

Apple said AirPods Pro made after October 2020 don’t have the problems.

The Solution

Owners who experience problems can contact Apple online or make an appointment at an Apple store to get their AirPods Pro replaced for free. Only devices that are confirmed to have the issue will be replaced.

The replacement applies only to the buds, not the charging case. Apple’s not offering a similar program for other AirPod models.

Crackling problems with AirPods Pro were reported by users earlier this year. In May, Apple issued support documents on its website with troubleshooting advice for the issue. It was replacing those units under warranty.

Apple’s AirPods are a popular line of wireless headphones. Apple doesn’t break out revenue from AirPods, but it reported $7.8 billion in “other products” revenue in the quarter ending in September, which includes AirPods along with other headphones and the Apple Watch.

But The Question Is: ‘Why’?

However, although the earbuds will be replaced, the AirPods Pro case is not affected by sound issues and is not covered by the service program.

Apple did not specify what might be causing the sound problems, although some have speculated that it’s a hardware issue. Users have been complaining about the issue for months. In May, Apple posted some troubleshooting advice on its website for people experiencing static and crackling sounds, which assumed that the problems were due to wireless interference or specific apps. We now know that was not the case.


  • Apple said on Friday that it will replace AirPods Pro headphones that have sound issues.
  • These issues include a static or crackling sound that increases in loud environments as well as issues with active noise cancellation.
  • Apple said that AirPods Pro made after October 2020 don’t have the issue.
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