Anushka Sharma told how her lifestyle is being maintained, Virat praised Anushka Sports

Anushka Sharma told how her lifestyle is being maintained, Virat praised Anushka

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Time icon April 23, 2020   | Last Updated: May 17, 2024 at 5:39 AM

Anushka Sharma and her cricketer husband Virat Kohli may be in lockdown. But they are maintaining their healthy lifestyle. During a live chat recently, he talked about the positive changes in his life. Also told how they are keeping themselves healthy in lockdown.

‘Virat and I don’t believe in diet’
Anushka says, “I think Virat and I are people who don’t believe in diet. We have a lifestyle that is healthy. We have always been like this.” Regarding his diet, he said, “There are some things that we don’t eat. Because they are not good for us. We try to eat food that is alkaline. Because this type of food is good for the stomach and your health.” Because if your body is alkaline, your immunity will be good.

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‘We should strengthen our immunity’
Anushka further adds, “We all should try to strengthen our immunity. We should take more turmeric. We should take turmeric at dawn. Take turmeric, ginger and black pepper tea. Drink more and more water. Sometimes we forget. But we should try to drink more water. “

Workout gave routine
Anushka says, “More than everything, the workouts have given me a routine. It has given Virat a routine. When you do the workouts you feel like I have something to do. I do the workouts. And feel good. You feel lethargic when you go for workouts. But you should push yourself. “

Virat say, ‘Patience learned after meeting Anushka’
In this episode, Virat says, “To be honest, I have learned a bit of patience after meeting Anushka. Before that I was impatient. We have learned from each other. Seeing her personality, her compositions in situations Seeing really inspires you to fight. Even when things get tough you have to swallow your ego. Keep fighting your way. You’ll find the way. “

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