Andrew Tate Declares Logan Paul Is A “Clown” For Backing Out Of Fight

Logan Paul has been referred to as “a clown” and “a parrot” by Andrew Tate after doing a U-turn regarding a future boxing match. Tate, a controversial former kickboxer, has discussed fighting again in boxing against a social media celebrity. In regard to an altercation with the 35-year-old, references have been made to Logan, his brother Jake, and British YouTuber KSI.

Logan initially seemed to be the most probable opponent until he changed his mind about his aspirations as Jake is currently planning his own professional career, and KSI has ruled out a fight due to a perceived weight disparity. When Tate was barred from social media, the American withdrew his earlier declaration that he would fight Tate.

Logan Paul was of opinion that Tate should not be given a platform due to his controversial opinions on subjects such as masculinity and feminism among many others.

“Logan Paul is a mouthpiece for the matrix”

“Logan Paul is bought and sold, he is not allowed to have individualistic thought, he is a mouthpiece for the matrix,” Tate said in an interview with Mirror Fighting .

“He is given a piece of paper and told what to think and he repeats it. He’s a parrot, and he’s clown and he’s afraid of being cancelled because he was cancelled once before and couldn’t stop crying on TV. He’s not allowed his own opinion, he’s been told what to say and he says it because he has no soul and no morals.”

Tate alludes to the incident when Paul had uploaded a video in 2018 showing a guy who had killed himself in a Japanese “suicide forest,” which led to Paul getting demonetised on Youtube.

After expressing regret, Paul had his channel reactivated before moving on to the realm of influencer boxing.

Tate, who resigned from his world-champion kickboxing career in 2016, says he is committed to returning to the ring.

“I’m absolutely serious, it’s just a matter of making sure the deal is done correctly,” he added. I’m not going to let any of these social media clowns pretend they are the A-side of any negotiations when I’m the most famous man on the planet. They do not deserve more money than me, in fact it’s the opposite.”


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