Amouranth Gets Candid About Her Parents Reaction On Her Content

Kaitlyn Amouranth is one of the most popular social media celebrities in the world. Her career spans across streaming, content creation, acting, and investing.

She spent $10,000,000 to buy a 7-eleven store, one of the most famous corner stores in the world. While she is not the absolute owner of the store, Amouranth has a quarter of the rights of being an owner.

On her birthday, the Internet celebrity has casually gifted herself the stock of a company worth $1 million. Which is the company that Amouranth invested in? Read that here.

Amouranth recently took to her Twitter handle and announced that she has become a PlayBoy model. “I’m OFFICIALLY a Playboy Model,” she tweeted to her fans.

‘My Parents Are Very Conservative’

The OnlyFans rival platform Centerfold is also launched by Playboy. And seeing Amouranth as the launch creator of Centerfold comes as no surprise.

But amidst all this, fans were always curious regarding what Amouranth’s parents thought about their daughter’s career. In a recent interview, Amouranth shared just that.

“My parents are very conservative,” she explained. “It’s hard for me to remember their exact words to me when I first started.”

When Did Amounrath’s Parent Become Supportive?

However, there was one incident that made her parents convert into supporters for her career. Even though ‘weird’, Amouranth revealed that it was the incident when her parents felt a ‘lot better’ about what she does for a living.

“Once I showed them my bank account, they kinda felt a lot better. It’s weird how that does that to people,” she joked.

The streamer and OnlyFans creator has given her parents the tour of her house but not the Hot Tub room.

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