Amber Heard fires her PR team after the frustration due to ‘bad headlines’, in her ongoing defamation trial against former husband Jonny Depp

Amber Heard Fires her PR team After the Frustration Due to ‘Bad Headlines’

Actress Amber Heard fired her entire PR team and hired a new firm just days before as she is scheduled to give testimony against her ex-husband Jonny Depp. The actress became frustrated after going through a week of ‘bad headlines’, during the bombshell defamation against her former husband Jonny Depp. As per the sources, the actress is frustrated as her story is not told effectively.

In the ongoing trial, actor Jonny Depp has sued his former wife Amber Herd for USD 50 million, and Depp claimed his ex-wife defamed him in a 2018 op-ed in the Washington Post where she discussed being a domestic violence survivor. Depp claims that her op-ed cost her his career following which he was taken off projects. 

Depp took the stand last week, and in his testimony, the actor has addressed several things and mentioned that losing the Pirates of the Caribbean’s sixth installment after Disney dropped him, and it has irreparably damaged his career. Apart from losing the project, Depp also addressed about his drug abuse and went on to admit that he is a victim of domestic violence. 

The ongoing trial began on April 11 and is set to last another three weeks.

Heard was being represented by Precision Strategies, which she suddenly ditched in favor of LA-based consulting firm Shane Communications. She made the move in apparent hopes that she might receive more favorable coverage this week – during which time she is expected to take to the stand and testify.

Heard is countersuing for $100million, and after three weeks of sitting silently in the courtroom during Depp’s testimony, she is preparing to start her fight back, possibly as soon as Wednesday.

Herd’s PR Team switch came up following several days of court testimony from Depp witnesses that saw the social-media mob suddenly turn against Heard. The ongoing trial began on April 11 and is set to last another three weeks. As of now so far seen Depp, 58, claimed himself as the victim of domestic abuse during his four days of testimony.

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