Amazon's Wheel Of Time Scenes Compared With Original Concept Art

Amazon’s Wheel Of Time Scenes Compared With Original Concept Art

The original concept art for The Wheel of Time season 1 has been released by Amazon Studios, which compares the sketches to the finished scenes. The streamer is commemorating what has become one of their most-watched shows of all time, with the show’s first season showing its last episode this week. With season 2 already in the works,

Amazon Studios executive Vernon Sanders recently revealed that he wants to see the series adapt all 15 novels in the original series, including the precursor novel New Spring, which tells the storey of Lan’s initial meeting with Moiriane and becoming her Warder.

The Wheel of Time season 1 was mostly shot in the Czech Republic, especially in Prague, but it also took the cast and crew to Croatia to shoot in some of the same locations as Game of Thrones. Even though the show’s first season offered some incredibly spectacular visuals, it only presented a small portion of Robert Jordan’s huge fantasy universe, which is made up of numerous nations, civilizations, and landscapes.

Season 1 provided a visual feast for fans, from the borderland city of Fal Dara to the White Tower in Tar Valon; home of the Aes Sedai, and hinted at a far larger world still to be explored. The official Amazon Studios Twitter account recently published a series of four sketches; displaying the incredible hand-drawn concept art that aided in the development of the series.

The painting represents crucial moments in season 1; such as the group’s entrance into the doomed city of Shadar Logoth; and Egwene being taught to “listen to the wind” by Nynaeve in Emond’s Field; as compared to the concluding scenes. Take a look at the photographs below:

In any case, it highlights the massive amount of pre-production effort required

While early concept art might occasionally have a significantly different aesthetic than the completed result; the comparative images reveal that the show’s creative team stayed extremely close to the original conceptions. Of course, there would have been a lot more artwork created during the first season’s production process; and Amazon may have simply shared the few images that most closely matched their final result.

In any case, it highlights the massive amount of pre-production effort required for a show of The Wheel of Time’s epic scope. Season 2 is set to follow the events of The Great Hunt, the second novel in the series; so viewers can expect to learn a lot more about Jordan’s world, especially Moiriane’s home country of Cairhien.

Meanwhile, the invading Seanchan troops, shown in the season 1 finale’s final moments; are set to make their presence felt in Falme’s port city. Fans of The Wheel of Time will be curious to see how Amazon depicts these new destinations on screen.

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