Alinity Talks About The Dirtiest Video That Made Her $50,000 On OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a famous content subscription platform. While influencers use it to connect to their fans on a more personal level, OnlyFans has fetched popularity for being an adult-content subscription platform.

More often than not, the term OnlyFans ignites the image of an adult and sexually explicit content platform. Recently, the internet went bonkers when the company announced that it would ban sexual content on the platform.

Content creators on OnlyFans make a lot of money and it’s no surprise. Their fans are willing to pay them for pictures and videos. Kaitlyn Amouranth has revealed her income from OnlyFans in the past and it was for sure a massive number.

What Was In The Video?

And now another content creator on OnlyFans Alinity has revealed that she was paid $50,000 for one single video. And guess what? Alinity says that this was the most gross video she has done for her fans.

What was this video about? Well, it was a long/elaborated burp video of Alinity. Sounds gross doesn’t it? But a fan asked for it and Alinity rose to the occasion.

She sold her video to 100 people, each of them paying $500 for it. However, we can assume that the fan who originally requested for the burp video might have paid even more for it.

What did Alinity do for elaborating her burp? She says that she just drank a lot of soda and bruped for straight two minutes in the video.

OnlyFans And Twitch Income

While OnlyFans content creators are making a lot of money, what’s more surprising is that there are fans who take pleasure in gross videos like the one Alinity is talking about.

In the month of May, Alinity also talked about making more money in two months on OnlyFans than she could have streaming for 10 years in Twitch. Now that’s something to be amazed at!

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