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Alexa Bliss Admits Missing One Of Her Old Gimmicks 

Alexa Bliss is currently working in a tag team with Asuka, having most recently competed in a losing cause against Bayley, Dakota Kai, & IYO SKY at WWE’s Clash At The Castle. The veteran WWE Raw Women’s Champion, on the other hand, posted on social media to admit that she manages to miss one of her old gimmicks.

After a fan decided to share a picture of the darker version of Bliss, which she initially portrayed while working with The Fiend, and stated that they missed it, Bliss quoted it by saying, Me Too, demonstrating that she, too, misses that version of herself. The character would notice Bliss wearing far darker makeup and slightly different clothing than she does now.

It all started with The Fiend’s plotline against Randy Orton, and though Bliss expanded on the character after she turned on her former colleague at WWE WrestleMania 37. She will indeed introduce the WWE Universe to the Lilly doll, which had abilities that caused other wrestlers to respond when Bliss used them. Nevertheless, after some time away from the track, she decided to return without that element of her personality.

Bliss would visit a psychiatrist for several weeks for backstage segments, with the darker gimmick ultimately being removed after that time. She openly admitted that her gimmick is currently in limbo, saying, Right now, I’m only me, and I don’t like for TV. Bliss has indeed been featured frequently in over the last week, but her personality work was always outstanding. Whether it was going to host talk show segments, working with The Fiend, or being a bully, it remains to be seen if she will return to that line of work in the future.

Alexa Bliss successful WWE career

Alexa Bliss has a successful WWE career, winning major championships and competing at events including such WrestleMania & SummerSlam. But, in her opinion, does this make The Goddess a WWE Hall of Famer? Former Raw Women’s title Alexa Bliss said on MackMania, I believe on paper, yes. On paper, I have every chance of making the Hall of Fame. 

You know, I’ve been really fortunate in terms of opportunities in WWE, particularly in my first couple of years on the roster… On document, our entire women’s division may be Hall of Famers. Bliss is a member of the main roster since July 2016, when she was drafted to the WWE Smackdown brand. Bliss became the first woman in WWE history to win both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships within her first year on current show, doing then within ten months of her debut.


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