Aisaki Media Co- Founder’s Chitra Rin: The Inspiration For Many Budding Entrepreneur News

Aisaki Media Co- Founder’s Chitra Rin: The Inspiration For Many Budding Entrepreneur

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Time icon March 19, 2021

We must have often heard people say that it is ideas that always win the world, age is just a number and perseverance is the key to success, but not many of us have actually ever thought of it seriously. However there are a few people who have realized the message behind these sayings and have made their lives sparkling. Who you ask? These are none other than the out of the box thinkers and determined young entrepreneurs all over the world.

Entrepreneurs often follow an unusual path. They have different thought process. They don’t believe in following, instead they believe in leading others. There are many such young entrepreneurs in Cambodia. He is none other than Mr. Chitra Rin from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Many teenagers at the age of 21 wish to enjoy their teenage years and their college life. They are seldom worried about their goals and future. However, it wasn’t so with young Chitra Rin. His vision was crystal clear. He wanted to do something of his own. His goal was to set up his own company. What he lacked was knowledge and experience of business. So he started freelancing at the age of 21. Soon he was able to learn all the things that were needed to start his own company.

Chitra Rin has indeed set an example for all the youngsters in Cambodia. Not only has he demonstrated that he is capable of handling his business well but also that his age isn’t a problem in it at all. He believes firmly that businesses fail when clients are unhappy. That’s precisely why he treats his clients as deities. His ultimate goal is client satisfaction. Getting rich isn’t his goal unlike many youngsters of his age.

Chitra Rin has employed many people in Cambodia. He helps his employees grow along with him. He knows very well that skilled employees are responsible for any company’s success. His unique vision to help others has certainly gained him global fame. Chitra Rin wishes to see more individuals like him taking the road to entrepreneurship. He advises them to think beyond the ordinary and focus on your goal. According to him, now is the perfect time to start working on your goals. Opportunities wait for no one. Only those who know when to seize them can truly become successful in life.

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