Why Businesses Are Looking to the U.K.’s Social Reign to Elevate Their Brand

These days, up-and-coming entrepreneurs are quickly realizing the importance of social media platforms and how it can either help or hinder their business’ revenue. Though for those who are business-savvy, leveraging their Instagram is already on their radar. And one company that has been made a monumental difference in helping elevate businesses and brands is the United Kingdom’sSocial Reign. As the world has quickly realized, Instagram followings often equate to power and success. Social Reign has helped numerous businesses increase their following count by 20,000.

As the U.K.’s number one social growth company, on Instagram Social Reign is also known for their monumental giveaways. Through a perfected giveaway model, the company is able to harness the star power of a carefully selected group of celebrities and mega influencers to help promote Social Reign clients on the social media platform. In doing this, Social Reign creates invaluable opportunity for their clients by first, helping them gain new followers and also giving them exposure their desired client base. The giveaway model is simple and nearly fool proof. With luxury goods from designers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Christian Dior coupled with a vacation package that includes paid accommodations at high-end hotels, Social Reign’s giveaways yield massive engagement on Instagram. To enter, Instagrammers simply have to follow the accounts of Social Reign’s select client list. In doing this, clients are guaranteed a minimum of 20,000 new followers over the course of the 28-day giveaway period.

As the global pandemic has pushed society further into a digitalized society, many businesses are pivoting their strategy to appeal to consumers online, specifically via social media platforms. With this new norm in place, now more than ever, the significance of a business’ Instagram following and engagement is what matters most, if they want to see success. Through Social Reign’s giveaway model, businesses can instantaneously elevate their brand by levelling up to the digital age by increasing their following, growing brand awareness and boosting consumer engagement. Though buying followers was once the popular route, Social Reign has reinvented the model with giveaways that produce real, authentic followers. No bots. No fake accounts, just real Instagram users.

Thus far, Social Reign has made an immense difference in countless businesses and brands across the United Kingdom. They now look forward to expanding their services to the United Arab Emirates in February 2021 and later in the United States come summer. With clients who have gained up to 60,000 followers through their giveaway model, Social Reign looks forward to helping their clients grow, both on social media and from a business standpoint.

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