After Swifties trended the song on TikTok, Taylor Swift surprised fans with a re-recording of Wildest Dreams

Taylor Swift has launched the ‘Taylor’s version’ of her hit song Wildest Dreams, which has become a TikTok sensation. Taylor took to social media to declare that she had heard them and that she had recorded her own version of the song. Swift has started re-releasing her songs after a legal battle with music mogul Scooter Braun.

“Hi! Taylor commented, “I saw you guys had Wildest Dreams trending on TikTok, so I figured you should have my version,” with a lovely photo of herself wearing black sunglasses! While fans awaited the re-release of Taylor’s album 1989, it appears that she has given them a present by re-recording one of the album’s most popular songs, Wildest Dreams.

Recreated Songs Here it is

She’s even hinted at re-recording the entire 1989 album for fans. After her song went popular with the “slow zoom effect” trend on TikTok, the Grammy winner announced the news on her social media accounts. Swifties all around the world have been swooning about Taylor’s latest release, which appears to be a fantastic addition to Taylor’s discography.

In other news, the singer has announced that her album Red will be re-released on November 19, 2021. Swift used TikTok to promote the re-recorded version of Red with a video showing her changing looks. Since then, Swift has been having a blast on TikTok, where she has been recording videos with her cats, tracking trends, and engaging with her followers through music.

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